The summer is winding down and the weather is cool off, so what does that mean for us in the Greenville, NC area? Well, that means it’s time to winterize! At Brown and Wood Cadillac, our certified team of Cadillac professionals is here to make sure that the process is as smooth as the ride your Cadillac gives you every day.

To start, you’ll want to do a quick check of your tires. If some need rotating, that’s fine, but with snow and other inclement weather nipping at our heels, it might be better to invest in a set of winter tires for the season. Winter tires provide more traction than your regular all-season or summer tires, thanks to the chunkier, deeper, and thicker tread pattern being able to grip the road more firmly as you go. If you’re already riding on new all-season tires, don’t fret! You can either store them with us or in your own garage and swap them out between seasons. We’ll be glad to mount, dismount, and rotate your tires as needed.

With your tires prepped, it’s a good time to check your fluids. Low windshield wiper fluid can be the difference between an easy ride home and a heart-pounding attempt to make out traffic through the melted snow on your windshield. Changing your windshield wipers is also highly recommended – going in with a fresh pair of blades to clean the snow away streak free is a great idea. Of course, oil changes are always a good idea and should be performed as usual, but if you can foresee a cold snap, best to get the oil taken care of before that happens.

So when you’re ready, visit a Greenville Cadillac dealer today to get the ball rolling. Our expert team watches over your Cadillac with the utmost care, and you’ll out and about before you have time to miss your car.