When you’ve got a new 2020 Cadillac XT5, life is good. The plush leather interior needs no break-in period, and the vehicle runs like a Cadillac, which is to say, impeccably. However, over time there will be parts that need to be replaced, and brakes are one of them. So today, we wanted to talk about our Grenville, NC Cadillac service center, how they can help you replace your brakes, and why it’s a great idea to come to us for help with your vehicles far beyond when you’re driven off our lots.

When it comes to brakes, knowing when to replace them is always more science than art. It depends on your own braking habits, how much braking is required on the roads you travel, and the weather conditions you experience. But when you do wear the brake pad down, there are sounds or visual cues you can listen to or look for.

Some brake pads come with a metal shim embedded in the pad called an indicator that releases that high-pitched screeching sound all drivers hate to hear – this means that you’ve still got some surface left on your brake pad, but it’s below the recommended minimum and you need to replace your pads soon. But if you’d rather not hear that noise, then getting a visual is the best way. A good rule of thumb is to have at least a quarter-inch of brake pad left to be considered healthy, which is just about the width of a regular pencil or pen. Bring one along and check it out – see if you need to switch them out.

And when you do come in to replace your brake pads, come into our Luxury car dealer’s Cadillac service center and get the best deals possible for your vehicle today! We only use genuine Cadillac parts to give your vehicle the quality it deserves.