Unfortunately, even luxury vehicles like those within the Cadillac family lineup aren’t built to last forever, but with the Brown and Wood Advantage Lifetime Powertrain Warranty you can change that. At Brown and Wood Cadillac we offer a lifetime powertrain warranty that can provide both peace of mind and longevity for your vehicle.

Our Lifetime Powertrain Warranty

Some of our customers ask us: ‘what’s included in the Brown and Wood lifetime powertrain warranty?’ Well, what you can expect right off the bat is a pretty comprehensive program that covers everything from the paint on your car to the engine roaring beneath the hood. As long as you adhere to your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule, and visit our service center for your recommended maintenance check-ups, you can enjoy high-quality service for free, every time.

In terms of your paint, the Brown and Wood Lifetime Powertrain Warranty comes with a complimentary paint and fabric protection plan for all new vehicles. As a result, your car can not just continue to feel luxurious, but look that way too.

This Brown and Wood Advantage program extends beyond just repairs too. Within 72 hours of purchasing a vehicle, you can bring it back to our dealers and exchange it with another model, as long as the car has no more than 300 additional miles. We also price match in our showroom, so if you find a vehicle with the same features, build, and miles for less money within 10 days of purchase we’ll refund the difference.

At Brown and Wood Cadillac, we provide a luxurious experience both in our cars and in our services. From powertrain repair to simple oil maintenance, we do it all and more to make your Cadillac dealership experience truly phenomenal.