There is nothing quite like buying a luxury car, and that fact applies to used Cadillac SUVs as well. We get a lot of drivers at Brown and Wood Cadillac who want to buy used, and we’ve put together some quick tips on how to make the most out of the experience.

The Basics of Buying a Used Cadillac SUV

When our customers ask us how they can get behind the wheel of a used luxury Cadillac SUV, we always mention that they should choose one of two paths. On the one hand, you can buy certified pre-owned, which includes used vehicles that have been inspected by the manufacturer.

On the other, regular pre-owned cars are also inspected by our auto care experts and provide a simpler way to buy. Neither option is better than the other, but it is important to have an idea of which would better satisfy your needs.

It’s also worthwhile to consider a potential trade-in. By trading in your current vehicle, you can use the value of that first car to pay towards your second. Our auto retailers know exactly how much your vehicle is worth and will always give you a fair price for what you hope to trade-in.

It’s also a good idea to come into our dealership with a good idea of what model will best satisfy your auto needs. We offer a plethora of used luxury SUVs here in our showroom and finding the right fit can go a long way in making for a satisfying purchase.

How Our Used Cadillac Dealers Can Help

Whether you want to buy new or used our Greenville, NC Cadillac dealers are here to be your guide. From the first viewing to the moment we hand over the keys, our team at Brown and Wood Cadillac are thrilled to give you a truly phenomenal used car buying experience.