You deserve regular check-ups and automotive maintenance from a luxury car dealer that puts your needs first. At Brown and Wood Cadillac, our team of auto service experts will ensure that your ride is always incredible.

Cadillac brand vehicles are truly incredible on the road, providing a driving experience that is truly remarkable from start to finish; and having a talented service team by your side can help you ensure that high-quality. Automotive maintenance is important to us, as we know that a huge part of what can keep your car in good condition is regular inspections and servicing. That said, you shouldn’t receive automotive maintenance from any discount corner shop. Instead, choose an auto servicing center that promises an incredible customer experience no matter what you’re looking for.

Here at our Cadillac service and parts department, we push things to the next level, bringing the luxury experience to auto repair and upkeep. One of the many services that we offer is motor oil changes. Motor oil changes can keep all of the parts of your engine moving smoothly without the risk of excess friction. However, motor oil wears out and congeals, and at some point will need replacement. By seeking motor oil changes from our Cadillac maintenance team you can guarantee that your motor oil change gets the job done.

If you’re looking for an automotive service provider in Winterville, NC that will always go the extra mile for you, Brown and Wood Cadillac should be your dealership of choice. From oil changes to tire rotations, we do it all to give you a driving experience that is always luxurious.